My current project I am working on is a sudoku game in html5

Will post here some news about my game development experiences with HTML5.

While coming from Flash and AS3, its a fun and new way to programm with different languages like CSS and JS. I think the best part of my job is always reinvent yourself and learn new stuff. So even if I am getting older and older, I stay curiouse about new technology and gadges…. So this time my project is a html5 game project called “Sudoku”. Its an old game and nothing new, but for me  developing for different plattforms and devices is an adventure .

I have to implement different things:

– Multilanguage support, because we are a company that ships our software all around the world.. Well at least I have to serve 10 different languages. This implements a workflow starting with google docs (excel) and ending in json files for my JS Scripts.

– It runs on different websides (onmeda, gofeminin, bdf, and so on ). Side effects with the current CSS and Javascript should be eliminated.

– It should work out fine with our old-school webside and also with the shiny new responsive  onmeda webside, so it should also be responsive.

– Our workflow should be automated with GRUNT. Another nice technology like Ant. It should run once and save out deployments for every country and plattform. These deployments will be uploaded via GIT.

– SASS will be used for different CSS files for different plattforms like onmeda, gofeminin, etc….

– While its a game it should run on different devices and plattforms with good performance.

– To find out what fits best I will try out some new and not so new technology like Adobe Edge, JQuery and createJS.

I try to use this place here for news and updates. If I learn something new, I write it down here for my own memory and if some others are getting interesting things out of this, they are welcome to follow and read.